The RTS TriggerShield is available with either Standard (0.154) or Large (0.170) Hammer and Trigger Pins. To identify the pin size you require, see H/T Pin Size Disclaimer

RTS TriggerShield™ kits includes:

– 1 left-hand shield
– 1 right-hand shield
– 2 custom hammer/trigger pins
– 2 screws, 2 hex wrenches
– 1 pilot lead

Weight: 16.79g

Dimensions: 2 × 2.25 in

  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device provides ambidextrous protection.
  • Assembly requires no specialized tools or experience and takes approximately three minutes to install.
  • Understanding the importance of Mil-Spec toughness, the device is made from material specifically chosen for its ruggedness, and durability.
  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is designed to withstand the most harsh and unforgiving operating temperatures, conditions, and environments.
  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is patented to protect all firearms. The current RTS TriggerShield™ TSM4 model is designed to protect nearly all standard AR-15/M4 rifles.
  • The shield cover portion is attached by a downward spring-assisted hinge and extends over the negative space forward of the trigger. Unlike the guns safety, the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is naturally in its protective position precipitating the benefit of inherent safety without any shooter-initiated action necessary to “make” the weapon “safe.”
  • Provides a physical barrier protecting the trigger well to prevent inadvertent contact with the trigger.
  • Allows quick and effective trigger access for all intentional purposes, promoting trigger discipline.



What Is The RTS TriggerShield™

The RTS TriggerShield™ is a spring-loaded shield that covers the trigger well of a firearm to protect against unintentional trigger contact. Installed on both the left and right sides of the trigger well, the RTS TriggerShield™ is designed to prevent any unintentional contact with the trigger.

How Do I Install the RTS TriggerShield™?

See the Installation Video above and download step-by-step instructions for both the TSM4 and TSM4C. The RTS TriggerShield™ takes approximately three minutes to install and requires no specialized tools or skills.

Can I Use The RTS TriggerShield™ With Gloves?

Yes. Gloved or bare handed, the RTS TriggerShield™ was designed to allow quick and easy purposeful access to the trigger.   

How Long Will My RTS TriggerShield™ Last?

The RTS TriggerShield™ was designed with quality and durability in mind. The device is made from “Mil-Spec” material and made to last.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does The RTS TriggerShield™ Require?

Once installed, the RTS TriggerShield™ is relatively maintenance-free. It is recommended that you maintain the RTS TriggerShield™ the same way you do the dust cover and dust cover spring. Standard cleaning and a little light oil on the spring are all you need.

What’s The Difference Between TSM4 and TSM4C?

The RTS TriggerShield™ TSM4 contains standard size (0.154) H/T pins. Most standard AR-15/M4 rifles use these standard size pins. The RTS TriggerShield™ TSM4C, includes large size (0.170) H/T pins. Some Colt semi-automatic rifles made between 1991-2009 may use these larger H/T pins. If you have a question about which size pins you require, feel free to contact us at info@RTSTriggerShield.com.

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The only thing that should ever touch your trigger is your trigger finger…with intent. Preventing unintentional trigger contact is the key to ensuring that every time you shoot, you…Shoot On Purpose®