Shoot On PurposeTM

The first-of-its-kind, the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is designed to prevent unintentional contact with the trigger.

The Problem

  • Unintentional shootings result in over 600 deaths and 11,500 injuries each year in the United States alone.
  • Even the most highly-trained weapon operators are killed and injured by the negligent discharge of firearms.
  • No amount of training can safeguard against unintentional firearm discharge.

The Solution

The RTS TriggerShield™ tactical safety device provides the highest level of safety and security for military, police, and civilian shooters.

  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is a spring-loaded cover for the trigger well that attaches securely into the firearm assembly.
  • At rest, the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device covers the trigger well to prevent fingers and foreign objects from making accidental contact with the trigger.
  • The operator can discharge the firearm by purposefully sliding his/her finger up under the contoured RTS TriggerShield™ safety device to gain access to the trigger well.

  • The moment the operator removes his/her finger from the trigger well, the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device automatically returns to its protective position over the trigger well.

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Key Features of the RTS TriggerShieldTM Safety Device

  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device provides ambidextrous protection.

  • Assembly requires no specialized tools or experience and takes approximately three minutes to install.

  • Understanding the importance of Mil-Spec toughness, the device is made from material specifically chosen for its ruggedness, and durability.

  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is designed to withstand the most harsh and unforgiving operating temperatures, conditions, and environments.

  • The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is patented to protect all firearms. The current RTS TriggerShield™ TSM4 model is designed to protect nearly all standard AR-15/M4 rifles.

  • The shield cover portion is attached by a downward spring-assisted hinge and extends over the negative space forward of the trigger. At rest, the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is naturally in its protective position precipitating the benefit of inherent safety without any shooter-initiated action necessary to “make” the weapon “safe.”

  • Provides a physical barrier protecting the trigger well to prevent inadvertent contact with the trigger.

  • Allows quick and effective trigger access for all intentional purposes.

Key Facts of the RTS TriggerShieldTM Safety Device

Operates automatically

Improves weapon security and confidence

Does not slow you down

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