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Welcome to our first blog at RTS Triggershield! In our blogs, we will be covering topics that will help you further understand our Triggershield product, how it’s used and maintained, and it’s practical applications. Today we will go through a brief overview of Triggershield.

Order Triggershield today to protect yourself and others from an unintentional discharge.

What is Triggershield?

Triggershield is exactly what it sounds like; it shields from unintentional contact with the trigger of your gun. There are hundreds of deaths, and thousands of injuries in the U.S. every year due to accidental shootings; even the most seasoned professionals are sometimes victims of unintentional gun discharges. At RTS Triggershield we have come up with a solution to help prevent these tragic events.

Triggershield physically covers the trigger of your gun, making it impossible to unintentionally fire. Once installed, the Triggershield is made to remain in the safety position until the shooter purposefully lifts it for access to the trigger. After firing, the triggershield springs right back into place protecting the gun from being accidentally discharged again.

The Triggershield protects, without compromising the ability of the shooter to use their gun when they need it. You simply lift the Triggershield with your trigger finger for access to the trigger below. Triggershield ensures shooting is easy and purposeful.

Is Triggershield Hard To Install?

Triggershield takes about three minutes to install, and once that’s done it will automatically protect your gun from unintentional shootings. Each triggershield comes with a right-hand and left-hand shield to protect the trigger from each side, as well as all the hardware needed for the installation. It takes just minutes to install and will protect your gun for a lifetime.

Watch a quick video of how easy it is to install Triggershield on your gun. And then order one today!

What Kind Of Guns Can I Use Triggershield On?

Triggershields come in two sizes based upon the size of your gun’s trigger pins and can be installed on almost any gun. If your gun uses standard .154 H/T pins then you will want to order the TSM4 set, and if your gun uses large .170 H/T pins you’ll want to order the TSM4C Triggershield set. If you’re not sure which you need you, Triggershield can help.

Why Do I Need Triggershield?

Even if your gun already has a safety, an accidental discharge is still a possibility. When you have the Triggershield on your gun, you can be sure that your gun is safe from unintentional discharge regardless of the position of the safety.

Accidental shootings take too many lives and cause too much tragedy. When you have the Triggershield, you can be secure in knowing that it won’t happen to you. Guns, even when owned and handled by professionals, can be in danger of being accidentally discharged.

Don’t let an accidental shooting hurt you or someone you love. Order Triggershield today!

Stay Tuned For More On Triggershield!
We will be adding more blog posts soon in the future, and we will be covering all kinds of topics and questions that you may have about Triggershield products and tactical solutions for gun safety. So stay tuned for more on Triggershield!

If you are ready to order your Triggershield product, visit our site today.

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