The Most Common Causes Of Unintentional Firearm Discharge

The proprietors of RTS Triggershield created their product to protect against accidental shootings. Every year negligent shootings cause a great deal of injuries and death, and we at RTS Triggershield believe with some knowledge and the right equipment these tragedies can be prevented. Today, we are going to discuss the most common causes of unintentional firearm discharge so that you can be sure to avoid them.

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Accidental Trigger Contact

Accidental trigger contact is the exact reason that The RTS Triggershield was invented. Triggers can be a lot more sensitive than the user believes, and sometimes it only takes the slightest touch to cause the firearm to go off. Other times, the trigger can be accidentally hit or bumped. Even something as simple as the user’s nerves can cause the trigger to accidentally go off. But not with the RTS Triggershield! Order your RTS Triggershield today to prevent an accidental discharge. 

Another way to avoid accidental trigger contact is to not put your finger on the trigger until you are absolutely certain that you are ready to fire. This prevents any accidental discharge which can possibly occur from a sensitive trigger or nerves.

Alcohol And Drug Use

Alcohol and drug use should never be mixed with weapons of any kind, but especially guns. Alcohol and drugs can affect the user’s motor skills causing them to accidentally pull the trigger when they don’t mean to. Alcohol and drug use also encourages questionable decisions, which when mixed with firearms can lead to a potentially deadly situation.

Lack Of Knowledge Of Gun Safety

Lack of knowledge about guns and gun safety is one of the leading causes of unintentional discharge of firearms. When someone inexperienced picks up a gun, they are missing the necessary knowledge of the simplest things such as checking to see if the gun is loaded or not knowing how to use the safety. Inexperienced gun users should attend a gun safety course if they would like to learn how to shoot safely and properly. 

Unsupervised Minors Using Guns

Unsupervised minors being left around guns is a recipe for disaster. Not only are they typically inexperienced gun users, but they also have questionable decision-making skills due to their age and lack of experience in the world in general. Minors don’t typically know that triggers can be sensitive or that they should treat all guns as a loaded gun. They are also more likely to act on their emotions. Keep your guns away from children and teens until they can take a gun safety course taught by a professional, and they are mature enough to make good decisions regarding guns. 


Accidental gun discharge can be caused by general carelessness of the user. Even someone who has plenty of experience with guns can still make a mistake if they are not paying enough attention. When handling guns, it is always best to assume that every gun is loaded. This ensures that you treat the gun with the care and respect that it deserves, and helps to prevent accidents. Accidental discharge can happen to anyone, especially when someone becomes too comfortable around their weapon. Whenever you are handling a gun, safety comes first, always.

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Even a seasoned gun professional can fall victim to an unintentional discharge. Installing a Triggershield on your gun is the only sure way to prevent accidental contact with the trigger, thus reducing the chances of a negligent discharge. Prevent unintentional firearm discharge by ordering your RTS Triggershield today!