Tactical Solutions To Prevent Unintentional Firearm Discharge

Every year hundreds of Americans are killed from accidental firearm discharges, and thousands more are injured. These are preventable tragedies. At RTS Triggershield we want you to protect yourself and others from accidental shootings in every way possible. Our mission is to keep you safe and lower those statistics.

Today we are going to examine several ways to prevent unintentional firearm discharge including using our Triggershield, a tactical safety solution to accidental discharges. Purchase your Triggershield today to keep you, your family, and your friends safe from unintentional firearm discharge.

Assume Every Gun Is Loaded

This is considered the number one rule of gun safety — assume every gun is loaded. This is the safest assumption that you can ever make. Treating every gun as a loaded gun will ensure that you handle it with the care and respect that it deserves. 

When you handle a gun, treating it as if it were loaded, whether it is or not, will mean that you won’t touch the trigger or point it in the direction of yourself or anyone else. Many accidental shootings occur because the user claims they didn’t think the gun was loaded, but if we always make the safe assumption then negligent shootings can greatly reduce.

Take A Gun Safety Course

If you want to know how to handle a gun safely, you should be taught by a professional the proper way to handle and shoot a gun. Knowledge is power, especially in this case, and the simple act of learning about a gun and its workings will prevent many accidental shootings. 

First and foremost, safety courses are about safety. So while your instructor will teach you more intricate facts about your gun, everything they teach has one objective — to teach you how to safely handle a gun.

Always Keep Guns In A Locked Safe

Many accidental shootings occur when children or teens find a parent’s gun around the house and become curious. The children want to show a friend what they’ve found, and all it takes is one slip of a finger for the natural curiosity of a child to turn deadly. 

Ensuring that your guns are kept in a locked safe will ensure that no one, including a child or teen who has not been properly trained in gun safety, will accidentally get a hold of one. Keeping guns locked in a safe allows time to make sure that individuals are trained in gun safety before they can access one.

Don’t Touch The Trigger

When you’re handling a gun, the easiest way to accidentally shoot it is by touching the trigger a bit harder than you thought. Or sometimes, when your finger is on the trigger, nerves can cause you to shoot before you are ready. The solution to this is to keep your finger off the trigger until you are certain that you are ready to shoot. 

This is important when at a gun range, hunting, working, or protecting your home. Accidental discharge can happen anywhere by anyone. Keep your finger off that trigger until you are sure you’re ready to fire.

Order Triggershield today to ensure that you won’t put your finger on the trigger until your ready.

Check And Clear Before Cleaning

Every year we hear about accidental shootings that occur when someone is cleaning their gun and forgets to check if it was loaded. This situation goes right along with our first rule on this list, treat every gun as a loaded gun. If you always assume your gun is loaded, you will be sure to check it before you begin cleaning.

To prevent negligent firearm shootings, ensure that the gun — clip, chamber, and all — are empty and clear before beginning your cleaning. Whether there are other people around or you are the only one in the room, you want to ensure everyone’s safety.

Install Triggershield

Triggershield is a device that protects your gun from accidental shootings by protecting the trigger. It’s exactly what it sounds like in the name; a shield that protects the trigger. To shoot the gun with triggershield installed you’ll simply lift the shield with your finger before firing. Triggershield makes the trigger easily accessible, but only for purposeful shooting. 

Triggershield only takes minutes to install and once on, will automatically be in the safety position. So regardless of whether your gun’s safety is on or off, Triggershield is working to protect you.

Triggershield comes in two sizes for both standard-sized trigger pins, as well as large, and can be installed on almost any gun. All the hardware that is required for installation is included. You can even watch a short video of the simple installation process on the RTS Triggershield website.

Triggershield is ideal for civilians, military, police, and any other occupation that requires gun carrying. Order your Triggershield today to protect yourself and others from accidental firearm discharge.