RTS Triggershield FAQ’s

RTS Triggershield is a small business in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The business was started by two veterans, who had a vision of creating a product that protected against unintentional gun trigger contact, while not compromising access to the trigger. Donald N. Richetti (CEO) and Ryan D. Richetti (COO) made this vision come to life with the RTS Triggershield. In this blog, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about RTS Triggershield.

What Is The RTS Triggershield?

The RTS Triggershield is a spring-loaded shield that covers the trigger of a gun to protect against unintentional trigger contact. The idea behind Triggershield is that it requires the user to purposefully lift the shield to access the trigger, ensuring that they are intentionally firing.

The Triggershield is installed on both the left and right sides of the trigger to prevent any accidental contact. The user lifts the Triggershield with their finger to access the trigger underneath. The springs incorporated into the design of the Triggershield will pull the shield back down over the trigger when the user has finished shooting.

Is A Triggershield The Same As A Safety?

No, a Triggershield is not the same as a safety. A safety is a switch on your gun that prevents you from accidentally shooting. The switch has to be turned on and off by the user. A Triggershield does not need to be turned off or on — it is always, by default, in the safety position. 

The Triggershield contains a spring that will always keep the shield in the correct position until the user purposefully lifts it to fire the gun. And when the user removes their finger from the trigger, the spring will return the shield to the safety position. While a user can forget to check the position of their gun safety, a Triggershield doesn’t need to be manually put into any particular position to be on.

How Long Does It Take To Install Triggershield?

It takes approximately three minutes to install the Triggershield. You can watch a video on the RTS Triggershield website that shows the easy, quick installation step-by-step. In fact, the video shows the entire installation process in about one minute.

How Do I Install Triggershield?

To install the Triggershield, you will need to know whether your gun has standard-sized or large-sized trigger pins, and order the appropriate shield for your gun. You will be provided with a shield for both sides of your gun and all the hardware necessary for installation. 

In short, you will remove the trigger pins and then utilize that space to install the hardware for the Triggershield. RTS Triggershield provides a step-by-step guide for both their TSM4 model and their TSM4C model.

Why Do I Need The Triggershield On Both Sides?

You will be provided with a shield for both sides of your gun to prevent any unwanted access to the trigger. Both shields need to be installed because unintentional firing can be caused not only by your finger but from other elements as well. The gun user can accidentally bump it off a tree branch or something at home and cause the gun to fire unintentionally. Accidental shootings are just that — accidents. You want to ensure you’re covering all of your bases.

How Often Do Unintentional Discharges Occur?

In the United States, thousands of people are injured every year due to negligent shootings, and hundreds more die from the same cause. At RTS Triggershield we want to change those statistics. Our mission is to prevent accidental shootings and the injuries and deaths they cause. Triggershield ensures that the user is shooting on purpose. 

Can I Use The Triggershield With Gloves?

Yes. Even when you are wearing gloves, you should have no problem lifting the Triggershield and accessing the trigger. The Triggershield was designed with the idea in mind of easy, purposeful trigger access; it is contoured so that a gloved or bare finger can access the trigger.

Does The Triggershield Prevent Easy Access To The Trigger?

No. The Triggershield does not prevent easy access to the trigger; it just ensures that trigger access is purposeful. It requires just a little practice to get used to sliding your finger under the shield before pulling the trigger, and will not prevent you from using your gun effectively when you need it. 

Order your RTS Triggershield today to ensure that you are shooting on purpose.

How Long Will My Triggershield Last?

The Triggershield was designed with quality and durability in mind. The shield itself is made from mil-spec material so you can be sure that it is made to last. The spring, an integral part of the operating mechanism, is made from stainless steel, and there is a stop built in to prevent excessive spring tension. Truth be told, the Triggershield may outlast your gun.


What Kind Of Maintenance Does The Triggershield Require?

Once installed, the Triggershield is relatively maintenance-free. It is recommended that you maintain the Triggershield in the same way as you would the dust cover found on M4 rifles. 


Can I Use The Triggershield With Both Standard And Large Trigger Pins?

Yes. We offer two Triggershield products, one is our TSM4 set designed for standard .154 H/T pins, and the other is our TSM4C set, which is intended for large .170 H/T pins. They are both the same price and install very similarly. If you’re not sure which model is right for you, RTS Triggershield may be able to provide some clarity.

What Does The RTS In RTS Triggershield Stand For?

RTS stands for Richetti Tactical Solutions. The company is named after its founders, Donald N. Richetti and Ryan D. Richetti.


Is The Triggershield For Police And Military Only?

No. The RTS Triggershield is a great choice in safety for anyone that uses a gun. Triggershield is ideal for civilians, military, police, or any other occupation that requires the employees to use or carry a gun. Regardless of your occupation, gun safety is of utmost importance. 


Order The RTS Triggershield Today

Accidental firearm discharge can happen to both novices and seasoned professionals. Ensuring that your gun is protected from unintentional trigger contact is the key to preventing negligent discharge. Order The RTS Triggershield today to protect yourself, your family, friends, and coworkers.