Is It Easy To Install The RTS Triggershield

Yes! The RTS Triggershield is extremely easy to install. It is designed to install in just minutes and can be installed by the average person without any special tools or abilities. 

The RTS Triggershield is a spring-loaded cover or shield designed to protect the trigger of your gun from accidental discharge. While the design of the Triggershield will fit any gun with a trigger guard, only two models are currently released to fit AR-15’s and M4-style weapons. Other models will be on their way, but for now, we are going to go over a few important points regarding the installation of the TSM4 and TSM4C models. 

You can refer to The RTS Triggershield website at any point for an easy to follow video.

Before You Begin

In one of our previous blogs about how to prevent unintentional firearm discharge, we learn that the first rule of handling a gun is to always assume that every gun is loaded. Following this simple, but important rule will ensure that you check and clear your weapon before attempting to install the RTS Triggershield. The Triggershield is designed with gun safety in mind, so please take the time to clear your gun before you begin any work.

How Does The RTS Triggershield Work Once Installed?

The RTS Triggershield is a shield that physically covers the trigger of your gun from both the right and left side, blocking it from any unintentional contact. The Triggershield is contoured in a way that allows the gun user to slide their finger beneath the shield when they are ready to fire. The Triggershield does not compromise the shooter’s response time, as it is easy to navigate, and when the shooter removes their finger from the trigger, the shield returns to its default position, protecting the trigger from accidental firing. 

When compared to a gun safety, The Triggershield does not need to be turned on and off; it is always in the safety position except for when the user is actively shooting. This prevents the trigger from accidentally being touched and fired. 

Hardware And Equipment

The RTS Triggershield comes with all the hardware you will need for your installation. The kit comes with Triggershields for both sides of your gun, hammer and trigger pins (size depending on which kit you order), custom screws, the cone pilot lead, and hex wrenches for tightening. The only tool you’ll have to provide is a mallet for inserting pins through the trigger hole.

Is The Install Different For Each Model?

The installation steps for each model of Triggershield the same. The only difference between the two installations is the size of the trigger pins. You will want to ensure that they are the correct size for your gun before starting. RTS Triggershield provides step-by-step installation guides for both their TSM4 model (standard-sized pins) and their TSM4C model (large pins).  

Order You RTS Triggershield Today!

The RTS Triggershield is a must in gun safety. Accidental discharge causes hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries each year in the United States. Prevent any unintentional trigger contact with the RTS Triggershield. Help stop negligent shootings by ordering your RTS Triggershield today!