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RTS TriggerShield™ is a tactical safety device for M4-style rifles which revolutionizes the way we operate.

It was designed to save lives and unnecessary injury by preventing accidental and negligent discharges. RTS TriggerShield™ works to prevent accidental trigger contact by a finger, gear, or other object while allowing quick and seamless entry to the trigger well when ready to fire. The shooter simply glides the extended trigger finger up and under RTS TriggerShield™ to access the trigger and fire the weapon.

When finished firing, the shooter simply extends the finger naturally out of the trigger well and RTS TriggerShield™ automatically returns to its resting protective position.

RTS TriggerShield™ has been rigorously tested and is endorsed by current and former special operations forces, law enforcement officers, avid sportsmen, and expert marksmen.

RTS TriggerShield™ improves weapon security and confidence by providing a tangible index for safe-ready finger position. The device provides ambidextrous protection and functions easily with hands of all sizes, gloved and ungloved. Carrying, storing, slinging, and transporting your weapon are markedly more secure, as the trigger well is protected and the trigger is secure.

Whether shooting targets, hunting game, policing streets, or defending our country, RTS TriggerShield™ gives you the tactical edge. Join the ranks of experienced operators who have asked, “Why hasn’t this feature been on our weapons all along?”

RTS TriggerShield™ includes 1 left-hand, and 1 right-hand shield.

Installation takes less than four minutes and requires only a small hammer or gunsmith mallet.

Firearm is not included with RTS TriggerShield™.

RTS TriggerShield™ is U.S.-made and for sale to U.S. shooters only.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2.25 in


Liability & Warranty

Safety is paramount in the use of firearms. RTS TriggerShield was created to make their use safer by reducing the possibility of negligent or accidental discharge when using a RTS TriggerShield-equipped firearm – without reducing tactical access to the trigger.
RTS TriggerShield is NOT a replacement for the rifle’s standard safety mechanism. It is also NOT as a substitute for proper trigger discipline or legal, accepted, and responsible rifle use.
Richetti Tactical Solutions, LLC assumes no risk or liability for injury, death, damage, or otherwise negative outcome arising from, associated with, or in any way regarding the handling or use of a firearm. Always practice safe and responsible shooting habits and always…Shoot On Purpose.

Richetti Tactical Solutions, LLC warrantees the proper assembly and functionality of the RTS TriggerShield from the manufacturing facility to receipt by reseller or end user, whichever entity initially receives RTS TriggerShield.


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