The RTS TriggerShield™ is unlike any other firearm safety device.  It is an “automatic” cover for the trigger well that acts as a physical barrier to avoid accidental contact with the trigger.  The operator does not need to deliberately set the “safety” because the spring-loaded cover provides this protection automatically.

No. The RTS TriggerShield™ provides natural, efficient, and quick access to the trigger.

No.  The forward edge of the RTS TriggerShield™ is contoured to allow for a trigger finger, gloved or bare, to easily and effectively slide up underneath the shield and into the trigger well.

No.  Once the RTS TriggerShield™ is installed on the weapon, the only moving part is the downward-assist spring in the hinge between the shield and baseplate. Simply maintain the RTS TriggerShield™ in the same way as the “dust cover” present on M4-style rifles.

Yes.  United States Patent No. 9958225.  International PCS Patent Filing Registered.

Yes, the RTS TriggerShield™ patent protection covers all firearms. Models for pistols, shotguns, long rifles, etc. are currently in development.

Yes.  Our Duns Number is 081133922 and Cage Code is 82P62.  RTS is currently applying for a GSA Schedule Contract.

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