The RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device provides the highest level of safety and security for military, police, and civilian shooters, yet maintains an uncompromised ability to easily and quickly operate the weapon for all intentional purposes.

Weight: 0.5 g

Dimensions: 2 × 2.25 in

Operating the RTS TriggerShieldTM Safety Device


The design of the RTS TriggerShieldTM can be adapted to nearly any firearm – from handguns to rifles and shotguns.

RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device in development for Glock models.

RTS TriggerShieldTM Capability Statement



At rest, the RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device is naturally in its protective position precipitating the benefit of inherent safety without any shooter-initiated action necessary to “make” the weapon “safe” regardless of the position of the existing safety lever.

No. The RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device provides natural, efficient, and quick access to the trigger.

No.  The forward edge of the RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device is contoured to allow for a trigger finger, gloved or bare, to easily and effectively slide up underneath the shield and into the trigger well.

No.  Once the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is installed on the weapon, the only moving part is the downward-assist spring in the hinge between the shield and baseplate. Simply maintain the RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device in the same way as the “dust cover” present on M4-style rifles.

Extremely. The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device is manufactured with material chosen for its durability and toughness. The stainless-steel spring was designed specifically for rugged use. Operated within its max deflection, the tension and function of the springs will likely last longer than the actual weapon itself.

No. The TSM4 for AR-15/M4 rifles is just the FIRST configuration of the RTS TriggerShield™ safety device. The RTS TriggerShield™ safety device can be designed to attach to almost any weapon that has a trigger guard. Sorry Derringer lovers.

Yes. United States Patent No. 9,958,225. International PCT Patent Filing Registered.

Available now to Military and Law Enforcement.

Increase weapon security, safety, and tactical confidence with the RTS TriggerShieldTM safety device.

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