Richetti Tactical Solutions, LLC (“RTS”)

  • Richetti Tactical Solutions, LLC (“RTS”) is a Veteran-Owned Small Business headquartered in Washington, DC.

  • RTS created the first-of-its-kind tactical safety system attachable to existing weapon platforms to prevent unintentional contact with the trigger without impeding quick, easy, and tactical trigger access.

  • The RTS TriggerShield™  was created around two driving principles:

    • Protect the trigger from any unintentional contact,
    • Do so without diminishing the operator’s tactical ability…not even a little.
  • The flagship device is the RTS TriggerShield™  TSM4. Designed for the standard AR-15/M4 rifle, the TSM4 is the first production unit in a line of popular Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian weapons for which specific RTS TriggerShield™ models are currently in development.

  • Made in the USA, RTS is both manufacturing the RTS TriggerShield™ TSM4 for sale as well as considering non-exclusive patent licenses with established firearm/firearm accessory manufacturers.

  • RTS is the sole owner of U.S. patent no.: 9,958,225 for a firearm safety device that protects the trigger from unintentional contact and discharge. The patent covers adaptation of the product for a full range of other firearm configurations.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer: Donald N. Richetti

  • After obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in History from St. Bonaventure University, Don Richetti joined the US Navy as an Naval Flight Officer.  Upon earning his wings he became a Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) flying the F-4 J/S Phantom.  He served eight years, ending his career as a Lieutenant Commander and Aide-de-Camp at the Inter-American Defense College.

  • During his military service, he was awarded the Marksmanship Medal, Pistol; the Joint Services Commendation Medal; the Navy Achievement Medal; the Sea Service Medal; and the Inter-American Defense Medal.

  • The second chapter of his career involved leading industry trade associations, among them the Automotive Hall of Fame, the American Culinary Federation, and the Association of Old Crows, representing the Electronic Warfare industry.

  • After retiring in 2013 he obtained a Federal Firearms License to pursue a life-long love for shooting sports and firearm safety.  The RTS TriggerShield™, represents his desire to make recreational and tactical use of weapons safer by reducing accidental discharges and the resultant injuries.

Chief Operating Officer: Ryan D. Richetti

  • Ryan D. Richetti holds a Master’s of Business Administration from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Furman University.

  • An entrepreneur with a broad scope of business experience, Mr. Richetti has compiled an excellent track record of developing opportunities and strategic partnerships throughout the public and private sectors. His professional career begun as a continuation of his experience and network as a private diplomatic security and diplomatic affairs consultant in Washington, D.C.

  • Experienced with weapons both professionally and recreationally, Mr. Richetti co-developed the RTS TriggerShieldTM as a device to improve weapon security, safety, and confidence for all skill levels of shooters.  His aim is to ensure that every weapon is used properly and that every time a shooter fires his/her weapon they always and only…Shoot On Purpose.