About RTS TriggerShield

About RTS TriggerShield™

Purpose of RTS TriggerShield™

A shooter’s level of training, hours on the range, attention to detail, cumulative muscle memory and familiarity with one’s own physiological and innate limbic response to combat stress can, to a certain degree, mitigate the vulnerability of unintentional finger/trigger contact. However, no amount of training, preparation or other weapon security provisioning can safeguard against unintentional, inadvertent, accidental or negligent interactions between the trigger and any other object.

Since the beginning of the U.S. operation in Iraq, more than 90 U.S. military personnel have been killed by negligent weapon discharges.

Official references to the actual number of deaths (or non-fatal injuries) caused by negligent or accidental discharges are rare. However, even one death or injury is too many, and we are certain that DoD is concerned about, and interested in, eliminating negligent and accidental discharges.


The primary purpose of RTS TriggerShield™, designed for M4-style rifles, is to increase the safe use of firearms by reducing negligent or accidental discharges. (Devices for other types of firearms are in the works).


No other preventative measure operates without requiring a conscientious effort or action to make the weapon safe. RTS TriggerShield™ covers a weapon’s trigger well and prevents accidental access to the trigger by a finger, piece of equipment or other foreign objects.

The trigger is instantly accessible by sliding the trigger finger up under the RTS TriggerShield™, allowing the shooter to quickly assume a firing position. It automatically returns to its resting position, covering the trigger, every time the finger is removed from the trigger well.

Users of the RTS TriggerShield™ have  reported an increased level of confidence, knowing that access to the trigger is protected but not encumbered.

RTS TriggerShield™ does not replace the proper use of the safety, nor is it a substitute for proper trigger discipline.

Benefits of RTS TriggerShield™

In addition to its safety aspect, RTS TriggerShield™ offers increased finger comfort level for shooters whether on the range, hunting or in combat. Differences in hand size and finger length give rise to non-standard off-trigger positions. The ergonomic design of RTS TriggerShield™ provides a safe, comfortable place to rest the trigger finger when in the ready position and from which the trigger finger can easily and quickly access the trigger.

RTS TriggerShield™ also protects the trigger during transport and storage by making it more difficult for foreign objects in the transport vehicle or personal gear to access and engage the trigger.

The Design of RTS TriggerShield™

RTS TriggerShield™ attaches to the lower assembly of the rifle just above the trigger well using customized trigger and hammer pins. Replacement of the hammer and trigger pins and installation of the RTS TriggerShield™ are extremely easy and take less than five minutes using a small hammer and two hex keys.

The “shield cover” of RTS TriggerShield™ is attached to a baseplate by a downward spring-assisted hinge and extends over the negative space of the trigger well forward of the trigger. An identical mirrored shield is attached to both sides of the weapons, allowing for left-handed and right-handed users. It covers roughly sixty percent of the void within the trigger well, forward of the trigger.

At rest, RTS TriggerShield™ is held down by the hinge spring in its natural protective position, adding to the benefit of inherent safety without any shooter-initiated action necessary to “make” the weapon safe.

RTS TriggerShield™ is produced by injection mold using materials specifically chosen for rigidity, ruggedness and durability. RTS TriggerShield™ is Mil-Spec tough. It has been designed to withstand the most harsh and unforgiving operating conditions and environments. It requires the same cleaning and maintenance as the dust cover.

Operation of RTS TriggerShield™

Trigger access is accomplished by the ascendant south to north movement of the trigger finger. The upward motion of the trigger finger is aided by the smooth and ergonomic dovetail design of the bottom and rear edges of RTS TriggerShield™ which is contoured outward (away from weapon) to provide unobtrusive access to the trigger well.

The hold-off riser located on the forward edge of RTS TriggerShield™ creates an approximately 0.33-inch negative space between RTS TriggerShield™ and the trigger guard. This spacing supports the efficient access into the trigger well by either gloved or bare trigger finger.

Intellectual Property

United States Patent No. 9958225


Richetti Tactical Solutions’ patent currently covers all firearms. While the first model released is designed specifically for the AR-15/M4-style rifle, the RTS will be available for straight-stock (shotguns, rifles), and sidearms as well.


International PCS Patent Filing Registered